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A major shift in computing –
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Businesses are gaining productivity and enjoying flexibility by using IT services in the Cloud by allowing you to work from anywhere, anytime, over any web enabled device from PC's & Laptops to iPads, Tablets, iPhones & Androids.

That's your data on that laptop!

FBI … Every 43 seconds a laptop is stolen in the US
PC World … 1 in 3 laptops will fail within 24 months of purchase
Ponemon … 70% of laptops are NOT backed up…EVER

Your employees often store mission critical data on their laptops and smartphones. Yet it never gets backed up automatically. In fact, it probably isn’t backed up at all.

Managing the task of backing up every laptop is virtually impossible and laptops rarely connect to the network.

Why leave this responsibility for the end user to manage? Industry research has shown that users cannot be relied upon to back up their data in a thorough and consistent manner.