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A major shift in computing –
with compelling
benefits for business

Businesses are gaining productivity and enjoying flexibility by using IT services in the Cloud by allowing you to work from anywhere, anytime, over any web enabled device from PC's & Laptops to iPads, Tablets, iPhones & Androids.

Cloud Computer Desktops:

Virtual Office Desktop's provide you access to your applications in a secure, affordable, trouble-free manner that is an alternative to purchasing, managing and maintaining expensive desktop equipment.*

*Available in many configurations, allowing flexibility based on your organization's requirements.

Access your business desktop over the internet – anytime, anywhere, on any device without needing to leave your office PC on.

What are virtual desktops & how do they benefit productivity?

A virtual desktop is where your entire desktop environment (the icons, wallpaper, applications, folders, toolbars, widgets etc.) is stored, remotely on a server instead of on a local PC allowing you to access your data and applications over the internet, on any device, anywhere in the world.