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You understand the value of a professional services consulting company. Now scale even greater heights of IT effectiveness by allowing our team to act as a trusted advisor for everything from basic colocation to data center migration to advanced network and security issues.

It's Easy Being Green

With the continual increase in computer devices being used as the preferred method for information storage, businesses need to have an "end of life" strategy and practice when it comes to electronic data security.

Having your personal data in the wrong hands could be devastating. There are many State and Federal regulations currently in place that mandate secure data protection and proper data sanitation.

A Secure Single Source Decommissioning Solution

We protect you from the data leakage risks resulting from the removal and transport of IT equipment.This is achieved by erasing or destroying storage media through the most secure, on site, compliant and absolute processes in the industry.

We partner with a fully insured and bonded data destruction expert that has a national footprint. All services provide a full audit trail at the device level, including full tracking by serial number, detailed reporting, and Certificates of Data Erasure/Destruction issued in accordance to Department of Defense standards.


We will make sure e-waste does not become a problem for you. We are committed to protecting the environment with our "Zero Land Fill Policy." Our recycling partners insure all e-waste is recycled in accordance to EPA and state laws and regulations. Certificates of Recycling are issued for each project, providing details of each item recycled.

Additionally, Eco-Recycling works with local businesses, civic organizations, and governments to provide education about proper equipment decommissioning. Our partner participates in many Community and Corporate Waste and Identity Protection events.